Monday, August 10, 2009


Alberto Salazar. A great American runner. Every runner should know about Alberto Salazar. Currently, he is coaching American runners such as Galen Rupp who recently ran in the Beijing olympics. But his own running career is one of remarkable achievments. Perhaps his best achievement, Salazar won the New York City Marathon 3 consecutive times from 1980-1982. He also won the Boston marathon in 1982. To me this is incredible. To dedicate so much time with training to win one marathon is amazing to me but to do it so frequently in such a short amount of time shows what kind of man Alberto Salazar is. To be able to win such a grueling race as the marathon is (4 times in 3 years!!!) takes rediculous dedication to training day and night every single day. What makes Alberto Salazar my hero is the fact that he was known for collapsing at the end of numerous races and even sent to the hospital! This may sound alittle crazy to admire him for this, but it shows he gave everything he had during his races and that is something I greatly appreciate and try to immitate in my running.

Salazar is the last American to win the NYC Marathon.

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