Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mr. Patrick's Top Ten Fartlek Tips

Here's a list of 10 things to remember when performing a fartlek workout:

1. Warm up before the pick-ups start (I usually jog for 12 min; then begin the pick-ups)
2. During base training (high mileage well before what you are training for) perform many repititions of the pick-ups but only at race-pace
3. As you get closer and closer to what you are training for perform less pick-ups but at faster and faster paces (the intervals should be shorter too)
4. Take each pick-up one at a time...always keep track of how many you have done but never think about how many you have left.
5. Have a desired distance...after you complete the warmup and pick-ups, finishing up your desired distance will be your cooldown
6. Focus on turn-over...fartleks are speed workouts to get your legs out of distance running mode
7. Make sure you don't lose your form during the last few pick-ups (fatigue is generally the cause for bad form)
8. Try to make each pick-up your best one (meaning your pace is right on the mark, your form is perfect throughout the pick-up, you're focusing on turn-over, etc.)
9. Recovery runs are great for workouts following fartleks...your body will get the most out of the fartlek.
10. Use a watch that can tell you when to start picking it up and ease up (you can get watches that you set so that it beeps every 30s or 45s or 60s so that you know when to pick up and ease up without looking at your can get cheap ones that work just fine)A perfect example below

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