Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mr. Patrick's Top Ten Running Tips

1. Drink water all day (easy on the water right before runs though)
2. Drink sports drinks after runs (TRY ACCELERADE! CLICK HERE!)
3. Stretch before AND after runs
4. Take your training one day at a time and make the most out of every workout
5. Run Fartleks (best workout you can do)
6. Push ups and Sit ups and then more Push ups and Sit ups (The more fit you are, the better the runner you become!)
7. Try a different workout everyday...don't bore yourself
8. EVERY runner has bad days...move on and don't let bad days depress you (break through the wall!)
9. FOCUS!...don't think about how long the race is...focus your mind on your form and keep moving foward
10. Have fun...remember how fortunate you are to be able to run


  1. I love fartleks! All my friends thought I made it up! Good tips Patrick. I do most of them (push ups and sit ups exited my life a long time ago!)

  2. haha yeah i get plenty of laughs when i mention fartleks to people who never heard of them...but yeah they're great! i make sure i do them once a week...and haha it's alright about the push ups and sits ups...the most important thing for a runner to do is run and you are certainly doing that.